A side hustle is a way to make money on the side.

The focus of this blog is how someone working full time can make a little bit of extra money in their spare time. I’m still trying to figure this stuff out myself. So you will get to follow along as I document my findings.


When first starting out your goal should be to see if you can make enough money to pay for a cup of coffee. I’m not making any guarantees about income. Use the advice in this blog at your own risk.

Think of this as one big experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. No one should ever put a lot of money into ideas that haven’t been proven and may very well fail.

Tech focus

I’m a tech writer with a long history in the software industry. My audience is computer nerds. I know how to write for them. The techniques I’m going to write about will require some computer skills (hence the “nerd” angle).

Will it always be tech stuff?

No matter what level you’re at, you need to be able to at least use some browser based tools (Amazon, Shopify, Facebook Ads, hosting, etc.) to set yourself up. If you are comfortable with that, you should still be able to follow some of the articles that I plan to write.

What about the gig economy?

I know a little bit about the gig economy. I help out someone who dog sits through Rover. But I won’t be talking about any of that, or things like driving for Uber. I’ll be focused on people who want to work at home from their laptop, building or using Web sites.